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Organic Herbal Acne Facial

Organic Herbal Acne Facial

This refreshing treatment is designed for getting rid of acne and eliminating acne scars by using 100% natural and organic ingredients.
Our exclusive blend of organic herbal mask and serum improves acne skin in a natural and healthy way.

Organic herbs and essential oils such as thyme ,sage ,lavender and petite grain have powerful anti-bacterial effect and work to subside and normalize acne skin.
This relaxing treatment refreshes not only your skin but also your mind and body by releasing stress.

* fresh herbal peeling and mask are made immediately prior to treatment by therapists.
* herbal peeling and mask are made from 100% organic herbs and blended specifically for lightening pigmentation.
* 90min facial includes organic aroma foot bath.

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Price list * To view member price
Treatment Description Basic price Members price
Organic Herbal Acne Facial 40min $128 -
60min $218 $188
90min $255 $225

* We welcome new clients by offering Members prices on first visits.

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