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Customized Aroma Facial

Customized Aroma Facial

We offer four different types of facial treatments that give one healthy and glowing skin.
Rose quartz stone massage with our exclusive blend of organic essential oils improves the circulation in your face and adds radiance.

1. Regenerating
for dry, mature, dull skin
2. Calming
for sensitive skin, rosacea and eczema
3. Deep cleansing
for oily, acne prone and congested skin
4. Maternity
for pre and post natal and breast-feeding mothers

* Our exclusive blend of organic essential oils and facial masks are selected according to your skin type.
* Prior to your facial enjoy our organic aroma foot bath and its relaxing benefits.(plus $15)

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Price list * To view member price
Treatment Description Basic price Members price
Customized Aroma Facial 60min $170 $153

* We welcome new clients by offering Members prices on first visits.

Treatment Step

  1. Make up cleansing
  2. Head massage
  3. Shoulder, Decollete massage
  4. Facial massage
  5. Rose quartz hot stone massage
  6. Facial mask
  7. Foot massage
  8. A fresh aroma awakening

* Regenerating, Calming and Maternity treatment feature the Rose Quartz Stone Massage

* Deep cleansing treatment feature three kinds of de-tox masks

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